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Car and driver offers exclusive car comparison tests. Jose has a way of simplifying technical issues that reduces problem areas and increases reliability. Air to water high capacity heat exchanger m3 audi s4 s5 s6 s7 b8 b8. Mercedes f1 boss wolff takes a stake in aston martin. Page 1 declaration of conformance mercury racing sterndrive 600sci 600 hp manufacturer. Unleaded racing fuel can be used on occasions such as track events when.

Heeltoe automotive is proud to support merc racing in their efforts in producing the best aftercoolers for ct superchargers on the market. Teague custom marine has high performance sea water pump assemblies from latham, hardin, mercruiser, and mercury racing. Singapore for formula one drivers, the singapore grand prix represents. Because of this the ecu will allow for more timing and power. Working with jose, we came up with an installation and test plan. None of the harshness or fumes from traditional diesels. This design allows for water to spend and dissipate heat for much longer than normal single and dual pass single core units. Intercooler piping heeltoe automotive, in your corner.

Mercury racing n7480 county road uu fond du lac, wi 54935 authorized representative. But based on our street drive, the jackson racing supercharger kit promises to. This brief article lets you know a bit about what is included, and some tips on adapting an aftercooler to your car. Mugen is to honda what supertuner amg was to mercedesbenz before going. We carry the finest selection of performance marine parts, as well as a large library of technical information to help you get your boat working in the finest order. I have a catted rv6, q300, and flashpro on the way. Smooth and accurate idle control 90mm ktuned throttle body using mercracing adapter for oem iacv duration. This is accomplished through a more aggressive performance tuned pcm calibration as well as by increasing the supercharger output increased boost as well as a cooler set of spark plugs to increase combustion deficiency. Jrsc aftercooler core mercracing supercharger products. High density fin core for excellent heat dissipation.

And an increase of up to 50 percent in fuel efficiency compared to gas engines of the same horsepower. The authorized online location for all your mercury marine apparel and merchandise needs. With 25 years of experience we are able to give you the best advise for your request. In 2014, danish driver kevin magnussen then racing for mclaren. Mercracing tvs 900 supercharger kit questions 9th gen civic.

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Mercracing supercharger products your custom supercharger. Ive been looking at sc kits, and was wondering which would be best for my application. Mercury diesel engines offer a sophisticated dieselengine experience. The mercury racing 525 efi is one of the most popular oem engine packages for adding forced induction. Mr1900 tvs supercharger kit w integrated air to water cooling kit. Wiring for smartcraft gauges models covered all 14. Id like to see an imt kit side by side to compare cleanliness of install im a little bit ocd when it comes to my engine bay. With pump off add as much fluid as possible to the remote fill. Mercedes benz a45cla45gla45 amg side heat exchanger intercooler upgrade from the factory, you can expect your mercedesbenz a45cla45gla45 amg to produce a high level of boost pressure 27. Place blower upside down and place aftercooler on top of blower.

Merc racing aftercoolers for ctengineering superchargers. You can use this tool to change your cookie settings. Im debating on whether or not to try it or just take it somewhere. Why dont vortech superchargers need an aftercooler or an intercooler. The ecu tuning will be something compatible with the car. Mercury racing 600662and 700scm stage 2 the stage 2 system provides even more power than stage 1 approx 20hp more. Aftercooler installation information mercracing supercharger. I was looking for something similar that was available here in europe but more i.

The physical challenge behind f1 drivers lovehate relationship. Commonly used on sea ray boats, part number 2088153. X5 x6 n63 upgrade intercooler installation instructions part number. Imt tvs 20 supercharger upgrade tested 8th generation. Since this is the first install of joses aftercooler in a jrsc, there were issues to work through. I am a young car enthusiast building and learning along the way. Charge cooler install on my b8 s4 tommy linebarger. Stock intercooler results in heat soak which causes highly unpredictable throttle. Remove gasket from original blower plate and attach to the new aftercooler plate.

This is a general guide to help you setup your aftercooler kit with the proper hose routing and provide an installation idea to build from. We carry a full line of procharger supercharger systems for marine applications. Mercracing full front mount heat exchanger feature set. But these kits are usually universal with a need for custom installation. View attachment 2603485 view attachment 2603486 view attachment 2603487. The merc racing kit has faster turn around time depending on what and when you order. After installing the upgrade intercooler you will be safe to install the appropriate software download. A hondata flashpro or ktuner unit, or other such tuning solution. Far as the kit itself, its the cleans boosted application you can install. The install can vary as necessary to accomodate your vehicle aftermarket parts or modification you may have made. From top of heat exchanger directly to any of the pipes on aftercooler from aftercooler to remote fill top. A better intercooler will help reduce air temps going into the cylinders. Advanced turbocharging and injection technologies produce a powerband thats carefully calibrated for marine performance and outstanding economy.

Advanced intake systems keep mercury diesels running easy and clean. Procharger marine systems offer absolutely unparalleled performance and reliability for the extremely demanding marine environment, and are available for both efimpi and carbureted applications. Aftercooler diy list mercracing supercharger products. Not nearly as bolton as the cte blower or the imt aftercooler route, but the tvs setup merc has certainly has a lot of headroom designed into. I try to create entertaining and knowledgable videos for your entertainment. Testing and data collecting to prove results are important to jose, so we came up with a plan that would allow for before and after testing with quantifiable data. Intercooler install jump to latest follow 81 100 of 2 posts.

Supercharged 2006 nhbp acura rsx types w aspec package. More reliable power from your mercury 575sci the efi and supercharging experts at whipple have developed a low profile intercooler package for the mercury racing 575sci engine. Merc racing semicustom chargeair cooler aftercooler. I am providing an affordable, iat temp reducing, stable, reliable, easy to install and maintain system. So ive recently installed a jrsc with a 2nd gen merc aftercooler. Jackson racing pulled its supercharged honda prelude out when owner oscar. The design consists of a unique 4 pass design and a dual core setup. Theres the turbo itself and the xylophonelike airtoair intercooler that. I am by no means putting down or talking bad about the merc kit, but it does have a need for creativity and a little fabrication and lots of patience when installing. For the maintenance, installation, repair or overhaul of your mercury outboard, mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine you can count on our professional. Supercharger kits mercracing supercharger products. Im talking with jose from merc, and their aftercooler kits are not available for another two weeks he thinks. Schools starting again, and i dont have time really to have the car in the shop. Van akeleyen services based in zele is your official mercury, mercruiser and mercury racing selling point.

The cars have varied from soupedup corvettes, vipers, mercedes, and porsches to. After installing the upgrade intercooler you will be safe to install the stage 3 software download, as long as you also have a dinan oil cooler. As almost all of these engines are now out of warranty, we are seeing a lot of interests in refresh projects and supercharger installs. Air to water high capacity heat exchanger m3 audi s4 s5. Mercracing aftercooler for jackson racing supercharger. Cp performance is the worlds leading marine mail order superstore for all your performance boating needs. No other heat exchanger in the market is designed this way.

Do not attempt to touch or feel your intake manifold after driving your car. Mercury racing high performance marine and automotive engines. Aftercooler installation information this is a general guide to help you setup your aftercooler kit with the proper hose routing and provide an installation idea to build from. Merc racing semicustom chargeair cooler aftercooler kit. Utilize our exclusively configured twin and triple stage latham sea water pumps for your big horsepower supercharged engine builds to supply not only the engine with sufficient water, but also you intercooler, oil coolers. Cools your hot supercharger setup for more consistent temperatures and reduced heat soak. Mercury marine 8m0046339 smartcraft diagnostic mount port 10 pin. Installation on a wornout or modified engine is not recommended and could result in failure of the. You may also pick up your item here and we will help load it. Home forced induction chargeair cooler merc racing semicustom chargeair cooler aftercooler kit, honda kseries w ctengineering supercharger. That has shown via dyno to create more hp and torque.

Direct bolt on aftercooler core and adapter plate for your jackson racing setup. Mercury racing performance marine and automotive engines. I do not track, and 85% of my driving is very conservative. If this kit is not installed at a dinan dealer you can drive to the. A conquest topcat ii recently came in looking for more. Stepbystep guide includes instructional photos, checklists, and stepbystep instructions. The package includes a new intake manifold, whipple cooler cupronickel intercooler core, supercharger pulley and the hardware needed for installation. Kids getting their first drivers licenses now were born in the mid80s. The calibration ring and disc are used to set the slope of the fuel pressure. If they want to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that is supposedly better and more complicated to install to make less. General basic steps to install your aftercooler unit to the manifold. Post your supercharged dynos page 48 8th generation honda. Either statically the pulleys are misaligned due to an installation or tolerance problem.

Mercury dockstore the mercury dockstore the official provider of mercury marine apparel and accessories. I will exchange the common crx racing i bought and run successfully since 2008. The installation of vortech products, except those defined as for racing use only. This guide will teach you to design, test, install, and maintain your highperformance turbo system.

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