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Chapter 8 cycle parking version control version 1 dec 2014 published version 2 sept 2016 minor amendments following publication of. Find here the list of all documents published on this website. This section contains the major reports, studies, publications and information regarding the olympic movement. The london plan, together with the citys local plan, form the development plan for the city of london. Find all of the documents related to the minor alterations to the london plan. It sets out the vision for shaping the square mile in the future and contains the policies which guide planning decisions.

Png graphic files of all 30 maps and 5 figures from the 2015 london plan in a single zipped folder. Do you want to know everything about olympism at a glance. View the introduction and overview of the london plan 2016. Sep 07, 2015 the london plan is the overall strategic plan for london, and it sets out a fully integrated economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of the capital to 2036. London plan 2015 maps and figures london datastore. Supplementary planning guidance and practice notes provide further detail on particular policies in the london plan. A 2015 study commissioned by the gla reveals that the loss has accelerated between. Financial project the neighbourhood place type introduces greater flexibility for a mix of uses, heights, and building forms to create complete, diverse, walkable and interesting neighbourhoods. You can consider it our future playbook for citybuilding over the next twenty years. The london plan july 2011 rtf version the london plan. Develop phe develop phe contents introduction achievements. It forms part of the development plan for greater london. Department of the built environment, city of london corporation, po box 270, guildhall, london ec2p 2ej.

Agricultural advisory committee september 16, 2015. The inished plan charts our course through iscal year 2015. The london plan july 2011 rtf version page 6 of 310 foreword i am delighted to publish my spatial development strategy for london a keystone in realising my vision for london as the best big city in the world. The london plan is the statutory spatial development strategy for greater london prepared by the mayor of london the mayor in accordance with the greater london authority act 1999 as amended the gla act and associated regulations. A strategy for researching the historic environment of. The current london plan of march 2016 was published, and amended, in january 2017. How londoners work and earn money our environment transport our communities and how we all live together how london grows depends on decisions made every day by people who plan new buildings, roads, rail and green spaces. We promote london and attract businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors to the capital. It sets out how the airport will grow in a responsible and sustainable way to make more efficient use of its existing runway.

The london plan mayors decisions strategic vision for good growth local plans. The end point for the london plan has now been updated to 2041, which further updates to this route map will reflect. Most importantly, it will direct the allocation of human and inancial resources over the course of the plan. The strategic plan for london, setting out an economic, environmental, transport and social framework for development.

Click on the button below to download a pdf of the entire london plan 2016. Find here the list of all factsheets and reference documents. The new london plan this new london plan marks a break with previous london plans, represents a stepchange in our approach and serves as a blueprint for the future development and sustainable, inclusive growth of our city. The london plan should recognise that as retailing becomes more experience based there is a need for a more flexible and permissive approach to change of use that allows these new format stores that may be less traditional a1 retail but more a sui generis use or flexible a1a3. Telephone numbers available for adoption 1 1 a1 public communications network numbers a2 telex service numbers a3 network codes a4 administrative codes part b. The london plan strategic view management landscape. It also identifies the specific strategies that council and administration will deliver on together over the next four years. The plan replaced the previous strategic planning guidance for london issued by the secretary of state and known as rpg 3 1. City of london local plan adopted 15th january 2015 philip everett bsc.

Notice of application city wide city of london 2015 0916 aac notice of application to amend the zoning bylaw city wide. A strategy for researching the historic environment of greater london illustrator cs2 origination software account design production client note all special colours specified from pantone unless otherwise stated. Note that this pdf was updated in january 2017 to correct typesetting errors in policies 3. He also gave active consideration to addressing changes to national policy on car parking. Opportunity areas oas are key to planning development and can offer new homes and jobs. Lwarb will develop a set of key performance indicators to measure direction of travel towards a more circular economy in london. Global strategy and targets for tuberculosis prevention, care.

Jan 15, 2015 the local plan is the strategy for planning the city of london. Sustainable development plan london stansted airport. Minor alterations to london plan 2015 examination in public. The london plan 2016 pdf click on the button below to download a pdf of the entire london plan 2016. The national telephone numbering plan published by ofcom 1 july 2015 page definitions and interpretation 3 introduction 10 part a.

The london stansted airport sustainable development plan sdp is an important document for our airport. London boroughs local plans need to be in general conformity with the london plan. Isnt green is close to tube or railway stations on the edge of town centres build new homes so that people live close together to use the space well keep the character of places in london protect london s open spaces plan for good local walking, cycling and public transport. The local plan does not repeat policy in the london plan, except where more detail is required to reflect local circumstances. London and its city region now, and in the coming decades. Local plan 2015 4mb local plan policies map a 5mb local plan policies map b 6mb the local plan was adopted on 15 january 2015. The london plan the london plan is the overall long term plan for london through to 2041. Alongside the mayors london infrastructure plan 2050, and london firsts long term economic plan, our manifesto is intended to add to the debate over londons long term future, calling. Research on the lives, aspirations and housing outcomes of older homeowners in the uk. The plan was created after an extensive conversation with londoners about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for london s future to the year 2035. Greenwich peninsula 2015 masterplan nontechnical summary of the environmental statement 2 knight dragon developments ltd greenwich peninsula 2015 masterplan nontechnical summary of the environmental statement 2702 2015 registered address wsp uk ltd 083511 wsp house, 70 chancery lane, london, wc2a 1af. The plan was created after an extensive conversation with londoners about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for londons future to the year 2035.

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