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Ive messed with gamma and all the ingame options that i can like fog, but yeah. This utility can be downloaded from the through the looking glass forum here. The metal age are still arguably the best stealth games of their kind a so called traditional stealth. And of course with support for widescreen, and whatever resolution your monitor is capable of. Thief 2 hd texture mod by bentraxx this mod bumps the textures up hugely and gives many of the models, enemies and objects in the game a much needed facelift. Download and install the newest thief 2 hd mod full version 1.

The metal age on the pc, gamefaqs has 4 faqs game guides and walkthroughs. The metal age for pc cheats cheating dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. Astonishingly, fifteen years after its release, the fan community has continued to work on the game and a modder going by the handle bentraxx has released a thief gold hd mod. Thief remastered while you could dust off an old cd copy, id recommend using a modern repack of either game for your base, just for consistencys sake. The patch has dozens of tweaks, fixes, and additions to improve gameplay. The mod crew nailed it all, right down to imitating thief 2 s style of cutscenes and mission briefings. The metal age thief has turned 20 years old and in order to celebrate the franchises 20th anniversary, modder bentraxx has released version 1. Thief 2 on the other hand is just really, really grim and foggy on my monitor. If youve discovered a cheat youd like to add to the page, or have a correction. This guide will help you set up the game using the latest unofficial patches and teach you how to apply mods. Thief 2 hd texture mod mod db new metal image thief gold hd texture mod for thief. Tafferpatcher is an installation and patch manager for thief 2. Steam community guide thief 2 setup and modding guide.

It improves the graphics by adding hd textures for all original missions, new vegetation, new water and lava, improved fire flames, newdark. All patches listed are unless noted otherwise cumulative and can be used on any prior version of the game. Thief 2 hd texture mod is a modification for thief ii. Its at the point where raising the gamma more just seems to be ruining the immersion, lol. New metal image thief gold hd texture mod for thief. Once thief 3 is patched and you get the awful default hud scaled correctly via i tweaks, thief 3 isnt actually that bad and there are a few very atmospheric levels there. The thirteen missions touch on every thief standard, from haunted ruins now featuring zombies you can decapitate and disarm, although still not kill outright to hammerite temples.

Ive been playing skyrim since launch and have racked up a couple of thousand hours by now, with mods included. The dark project still stands out as one of the most compelling stealth games twenty years after release. The best pc mods for thief and thief 2 rock paper shotgun. Officially its for thief 2 and system shock 2, but the installation instructions also have instructions for loading. Insert thief 2 cd1 into cd drive or copy contents from both cds to a folder on your hard drive.

Looking glass studios released the sequel to thief in 2000. Thief 2 was built for windows 9x systems and has a hard time running on modern computers. It includes many modern features such as rating, game sorting, tag management, easy. Thief 3 install t3sneakyupgrade first and optional collectivetexturepack after. Improved enemy ai, new gadgets and a riveting story will draw you into the world of thief ii. Looking glass masterpiece is more than a memory though. It is recommended that you use the provided automatic installers to install this patch. I understand there are 2 patches i could install for thief 2 in order to modernize it. Thief 2 hd mod faq thread thief 2 hd texture mod for. The metal age pcgamingwiki pcgw bugs, fixes, crashes.

If youre not installing thief 2 via tp, select the folder where thief 2 is installed. Thief 2 hd texture mod offtopic the dark mod forums. Dec 15, 2018 thief 2 hd texture mod is a modification for thief ii. Thief 2 hd mod is due out later this week pc gamer. It improves the graphics by adding hd textures for all original missions, new vegetation, new water and lava, improved fire flames, newdark graphics settings tool and the water mod tool. Please install tafferpatcher before installing the hd mod. On the streets and rooftops of a darkened city, where the forces of a corrupt sheriff loom, it takes someone with a soft touch and even softer step to stay ahead of the law. Inside these files you will find one or more folders. Every other monday, dominic gives you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with modder superior thief. Also any kind of alternate start mod, of course, will.

Also works with thief goldthe dark project the necro age. Ss2tool for system shock 2 tafferpatcher for thief 2 tfix for thief 1 im going to look like a. There are many mods out there for thief 2 but here are some of the best ones that you can apply. To install thief 2 from the original release on a modern pc, we recommend you use the tafferpatcher utility. Whether youre new to thief or not, the dark mod does a lot of things in its own way, especially with regards to controls. Can be found at this through the looking glass forum post. Jan 15, 20 to install thief 2 from the original release on a modern pc, we recommend you use the tafferpatcher utility. This contains higher quality reproductions of many but not all original textures and objects.

A s some people may be experiencing trouble in installing and playing the older games of the thief series and their corresponding fan missions, ive decided to write a basic tutorial dealing with the installation process prior to the recent tfix, tafferpatcher and new dark patches. Feb 28, 2015 guys, i just finished thief gold, and am going to install steam version of thief 2 now. Also contains mission fixes and optional texture mods. They were so incredibly ahead of their time, and by any standard still extremely advanced mechanically, having features that no other game has. Youll also learn about fan missions here aswell as thief 2x and how to play them.

If youre able to get on board with that, youre in for a good time. So a bit at a loss here, any tips or maybe theres mods that could tune this up a bit. Officially its for thief 2 and system shock 2, but the installation instructions also have instructions for loading thief 1 in it. Thief 2 the metal age 2019 edition tafferpatcher, hdmod. Tread softly as you make your way through 15 new complex, nonlinear levels full of loot to steal and guards to outsmart. Increased the resolution on all brick, rock, medieval, and metal textures. Patch installer for thief 2 new version tafferpatcher v. I played thief gold with tfix on windows vista, 7 and 8. Thief 2 created similar problems but i was able to overcome it through some internet research. Installs the game from original discs bypassing original installer no more taffing around with lgntforce and compatibility settings. Now, below that, it says, to install, extract the ddfix archive into your dark engine games main folder, and then download and extract the appropriate prepatched. Guide thief 2 setup and modding guide steam community.

Use a text editor wordpad, notepad to edit the g file in the thief 2 directory. All that time this mod was available only for russianspeakers, because i dont know english. Thief 2 patch german thief version of the patch is for the german dubbed version of thief 2. This thread is for technical discussion about the newdark patch. It incorporates many patches and fixes to help fellow taffers to install and play the game. How strange then that our collective memories of thief were lucid and strong. If you are playing thief, thief 2, or system shock 2 on any remotely modern system, you should be using newdark, which fixes a lot of bugs and updates it to use modern rendering code. Grab tfix for the first game and tafferpatcher for the second. Looking glass studios eidos interactive released 2000. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for thief ii. The gog release has an outofdate, strippeddown version of tafferpatcherdiscontinued. Utilizing the same dark engine that powered the original thief, thief ii had an almost identical look and feel, with only minor graphical and programming improvements.

If you wish to use dromed with thief 2, the proper order to install is. Start tafferpatcher, select the empty folder where you want thief 2 to be. Best pc games new pc games 2020 best graphics card 2020 best free games 70 call of duty. Thief movie producers say a new thief game is in the works. If they match the folder structure of the zip file then. In fact, the player encounters almost none of the monsters from the original thief except for burrick heads mounted as trophies in some of the mansions, and a few zombies and apparitions. Mar 03, 2019 guide with install tutorial and all links. While the games are excellent in themselves, mastertronic has done a shoddy job of making it compatible for contemporary systems. Please note that the following tutorial is considered to be outdated by the. Thief goldthief iithief deadly shadows mods widescreenul. If you have a soldout release or complete collection, just use the discs autorun menu to install thief.

Hence my pleasure when, on a recent trawl through moddb, i discovered that the team behind the mod are giving thief 2 the same treatment. For a master thief like garrett, the choices are clear. Therefore i have a good idea of which mods i want to use already, but mostly just immersion and graphics mods. Recommended mods for thief playthrough skyrim special. Dec 28, 2014 thief 2 install tafferpatcher first and then optional add thief 2 hd texture pack. The metal age textures upscaled using ai, more accurate to the original textures than other texture packs, but of less resolution than the alternatives. Once youve got those installed, you have everything you need to run fanmade. Not even crashes, graphical corruption or anything, its all very stable. It is far higher in resolution and detail than the original textures however. Since its a doom 3 mod, the typical fps fans who own the game generally dont show much interest while many thief fans are reluctant to go outonalimb to purchase doom 3 so they can have a modernized thief.

Thief goldthief iithief deadly shadows mods widescreen. Guys, i just finished thief gold, and am going to install steam version of thief 2 now. Inspired by darkloader and newdarkloader, it supports thief 1, thief 2, and thief. Thief and thief 2 are still actively supported by the through the looking glass forum with cool mods. This mod installs automatically so no user input is required. T2fix will create a folder called usermods into your thief 2 directory. If you want to use my version of the mod, download the file thief v0. The metal age trainer and cheats discussion page 1. Thief 2 hd mod faq thread thief 2 hd texture mod for thief. Trainers cosmos requests queue boards rewards support we have 24,117 trainers for 6,220 games.

Deadly shadows and the 2014 reboot werent really terrible games by themselves, but they didnt have whatever spark made the original games so engrossing. This new version of thief 2 hd mod adds new grass vegetation, new effects, new textures, implements new graphics settings, adds improved object models, adds new natural hd. Best thief minecraft mods planet minecraft community. On the page with the list of available patches, theres a preset listbox. Huge levels packed with treasure and secrets, and no radars or sensors to help just your senses, intuition, and maybe a badly. The metal age has turned 20 years old and in order to celebrate the games 20th anniversary, modder bentraxx has released version 1. The metal age polished up, and padded out with some big new sneaky adventures. Enjoy thief 1, 2 and deadly shadows with upgraded graphics via some texture packs may 23, 2012 john papadopoulos 4 comments thief gold and thief 2 have been added recently on steam. The dark project, demanding a whole new level of stealth. The project is a hd texture mod for the second part of the game series thief thief ii. Or make sure it doesnt have any fanmissions or mods installed. The metal age expands on the smashhit firstperson sneaker, thief. Fam, mesh, snd and obj are just a few examples of what these files are called. These cheats involve editing a game file, so create a backup copy of the file before trying the cheats.

Note that this patch obsoletes earlier patches like ddfix or the widescreen patch, so if youve installed those, uninstall and do a clean install of thief to start from. While im digging through old games and potential mods. Recommended mods for thief playthrough posted in skyrim special edition mod talk. Heres a choice handful of mods to get you playing thief gold and thief 2. The metal age, a place of powerful new technologies, fanatical religions and corruption.

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