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Can a digital keyboard ever hope to match the glories of the acoustic piano. On the back of it, it has one inch ribs which stabilize it by running against the grain of the sound board. This drying out process eventually could lead to a split occurring along the grain somewhere on the soundboard. I cant count the number of times someone has said to me. For this reason, a crack in the soundboard reduces the soundboard s ability to amplify the vibrations of the strings only in relation to how much of the surface area the crack reduces the vibrating area of the board. No real music can come out of a conventional piano except through the sounding board. The traditional sound board is made of several five eighths thick boards which are glued side by side across the whole inside. Whether you have a grand piano or an upright piano, fixing cracks is one of the most common soundboard repairs. It does demonstrate that the instrument has had some type of stress, most likely heatdryness or colddampness and the crack is the result. Shimming produces a crack between the shim and the soundboard right at the. The cracks will expand and only cause you trouble if you cannot have a strictly controlled and sterile environment. Compared to the 810mm thickness of a modern piano soundboard, that of the. Graymarket pianos and cracked soundboards pianobuyer. A sound board, or soundboard, is the surface of a string instrument that the strings vibrate against, usually via some sort of bridge.

So youve noticed the soundboard of your piano has a crack. Piano soundboard restoration is an exacting and timed honed process. Do i need to be very worried if i find cracks in the sound board of a very old piano. Perhaps it looks less like a smooth, machined piece of carpentry and more like a freight pallet. Also for upright pianos, check for signs of water damage along the bottom edge. A new soundboard is custom tapered and fitted into the specific piano. Years of vibration and climate changes can cause the soundboard s pieces to split at the seams. This indicates that the piano could have been in a flood in the past, which could in turn cause rustiness on strings and sounding board cracks. More generally, any hard surface can act as a sound board. As a longtime reader and supporter of international piano, i have come to value its coverage aimed primarily at those playing, teaching and appreciating acoustic pianos increasingly, however, i have noted a shift to embrace. High quality woods are used in the best instruments for sound quality and. Like the speaker of a radio, a pianos sounding board is a vibrating diaphragm. So that it will vibrate freely, a sounding board is necessarily a very thin panel, usually from 316 to 38 of an inch thick. A cracked sounding board will limit the value somewhat.

Solid spruce soundboards swell and shrink with seasonal changes in humidity and, over time, can develop cracks. When an original soundboard needs restoration, we evaluate the board to ensure structural integrity, hand sand it and repair any damage utilizing our special methods. Hodgson mill cracked wheat cereal, 18ounce pack of 6, hearthealthy hot breakfast cereal for a wholesome start to your morning, enjoy with fresh berries. The string alone, however, has a very small surface area, which means that it cannot displace a large amount of air, making it difficult to hear. The sound board is a five eighths inch thick wooden board in the back of the piano. The repair may be not much wider than a grain in the wood. The boards themselves may also crack along the grain of the wood. The nostalgia of owning a piano from liszts time sounds tempting.

An example is when someone strikes a tuning fork and holds. The sounding board is the most important single part in the piano because if the board is bad, you do not have a piano until there has been a major repair job. If the wood is not dried properly it can lead to warping and cracking. Brigham larson, registered piano technician, dispels the myth that a broken soundboard always means a piano is no longer playable. Evenmore so by playing on it consistantly, you will only make the cracks worse. One of the problems that comes up most frequently in buying a used piano is judging the significance of a cracked soundboard. Piano sound board repairing cracks the sound board is a five eighths inch thick wooden board in the back of the piano. Repairing or replacing a pianos soundboard bradfield piano. But if it has cracks in the sound board, than it is better to leave it for a museum. When the strings are linked, or coupled, to the soundboard by the means of the. Epoxy soundboard crack repair pianotech piano technicians guild.

Soundboard cracks are glued and set as needed, and bridge repairs are made. In this article, i trace some of the history of laminated soundboard technology, then. I dont think my piano is worth anythingthe soundboard is cracked. The grain of the rib runs at right angles to the grain of the sounding board. Soundboard cracks cbh carey beebe harpsichords australia. So youve noticed the soundboard of your piano has a crackor perhaps many cracks. Thus there persists a common notion that a crack in the wood must in some. The soundboard is what allows the piano to project its sound. Across the grain, spruce is actually stronger than the same weight of. Soundboards vary in size depending on how large the piano.

As the string vibrates back and forth, it displaces the air, creating sound waves. In an upright piano, the sound board is a large vertical plate at the back of the instrument. In the case of the piano, the string begins to vibrate when it is struck by the hammer. Greg nicolett forbidden to face the natural light mvt 1 conducted by brian kaufman. A piano s soundboard is one of the most important pieces on a piano. Cracks in a piano soundboard are common and often are not sufficient reason to. Cracked soundboards piano tuning in edmonton daniels piano.

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