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New film the bourne legacy stars renner as aaron cross and producers want to bring back damon as bourne in next movie published. He is heterosexual, a pisces, and a severely lapsed catholic. The studio is moving forward with or without matt damon reprising the role of jason bourne. The bourne legacy is a 2012 american action thriller film directed by tony gilroy, and is the fourth installment in the series of films adapted from the jason. For more from moviebob, check out intermission, moviebob movie. The fourth installment of the highly successful bourne series sees the return of the franchises screenwriter, tony gilroy, this time stepping into the directors seat for an entry which sidelines. Overall, the bourne legacy is mostly disappointing, poorly edited and it seems have buckled underneath with the expectations from the original films, which weighed heavily on its shoulders. The bourne legacy, the fourth film in the action franchise, connects back to previous installments but introduces a new hero, aaron cross. Bourne legacy escape to the movies video gallery the.

Jeremy renner outtoughs matt damon in the fourth bourne installment, and parkour fans will be delighted. Jason bourne was a compelling character that needed to find himself and through that journey in the original trilogy, we saw complexities that were compelling and thoughtful. Aaron cross is hardly as interesting as bourne, but renners. Nonstop action sequel holds its own against predecessors. Everything you need to know about the bourne legacy movie. The bourne legacy 28 movie clip drone attack 2012 hd. The latest bourne movie is surprisingly bourneless. The bourne legacy 2012 when the actions of jason bourne spark a fire that threatens to burn down decades of research across a number of secret intelligence agencies, eric. The film was helmed by tony gilroy and features a stellar cast including jeremy renner, rachel weisz, edward norton, stacy keach, oscar isaac, albert finney. Moviebob is a member of the boston online film critics association. He is a tireless enemy of censorship, considers his personal politics libertine and enjoys acting as a full time irritant to overly serious people of all political stripes. Richmonds alternative for news, arts, culture and opinion.

Moviebob bob is a parttime independent filmmaker, parttime amateur film critic and full time movie geek. Unlike the novel, which features jason bourne as the principal character, the film centers on black ops agent aaron cross played by jeremy renner, an original character. Were sorry but jwapp doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. Less a thrilling franchise reboot than a solid salvage mission, the bourne legacy is the fourth installment in a series that until now starred matt damon as. With jeremy renner, rachel weisz, edward norton, scott glenn. Although this film has the same title as van lustbaders first bourne novel, the bourne legacy, the actual screenplay bears little resemblance to the novel. For the best experience please update your browser. The fourth installment in this franchise is less a thrilling reboot than a salvage mission, with jeremy renner taking over from matt damon.

The legacy of the latest in this series of thrillers is satisfying summer paranoia and rooftop chases. The bourne legacy, an actionthriller movie, is an expansion of the bourne series by robert ludlum featuring a new hero whose fate hangs by the happenings from the earlier three films. As the 4th bourne film in the series, legacy isnt all that inventive or revealing. Aaron cross is hardly as interesting as bourne, but renners charismatic presence is more than enough to get by. Jeremy renner plays agent aaron cross, who has been genetically manipulated and enhanced through the use of experimental drugs. Id go so far as to say i fucking hate the franchise but im from boston and weve all kind of agreed to always try our hardest to give matt and ben and the wahlberg brothers the benefit of the doubt i mean, not really. He was a conflicted man whose drive was dictated by an inner sense of redemption. Be sure to join escape to the movies facebook fan page here.

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