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The fastener manual was intended primarily for aeronautical applica tions, where. Flush type fitting wsmooth shank,and throat located ball check valve height. The terms bolts and screws do not refer to specific types of fasteners, but rather how they are used i. Download the specification sheets for different fasteners, nuts and anchor nuts on our website for free.

Opticom quicknet rack mount fiber cassette enclosures panduit. Framecad screw fasteners are produced by established iso 9001 and some 14001 certified factories with a long tradition for producing consistent quality and adherence to strict manufacturing and inspection standards to meet increasingly stringent building codes. A unc fastener can be procured with a class 3 tighter fit if needed fit classes covered below. Richfield, placentia, ca 92780 is the controller of the information you have provided. Flat washers improve stress distribution and help to span large clearance holes. Products fasteners quick access fasteners nylatch panel fasteners. Knuts and anchor nuts are paolo astori and other item tdss are available below.

Consult the manufacturers cable specification sheet for the specific cable. Pdf ca951 1143b i99ti hartwell western electric 300b airtronic 5501 texas plymouth stc ct 510 063 tekelec airtronic. B88803 b88803 b88802 b88802 b88801 b88801 carb88803 used in equipment model numbers. The starting point for their length is at the widest point of the head. La4 floating fasteners are specifically designed to be installed into stainless steel sheets. Corporate headquarters 923 n lenola rd moorestown, nj 08057. Polycarbonate, black or white, or polysulfone, black plunger. Is 726 iso 8765 din 960 jis b1180 h f h o t f o r g e d manufacturing range. Can be secured by putting both panels on the fixed and moving sides together and pushing the plunger head. Cooper bline spring steel fasteners tbar support, troffer fasteners subject this catalog provides product details and information for our u. Hartwelldzus latches, hinges and nylatch, rivet king, rivnut, plusnut. Fastening systems has been an authorized west coast stocking distributor for southcohartwell products for over 20 years.

Is 641 is 631 iso 4014 iso 4016 din 931 jis b1180 fine pitch. From that point to the tip is the length of the screw. Kaptoggle a non removable anchor commonly used for hollow spaces such as drywall and masonry block. Quickaccess latches and fasteners help minimize maintenance costs. Metric fasteners caplok glides chomerics edm shielding dirak 14 turns, handles, access latches. Ny nylatch panel fastener push pull style simple reusable panel fastener multiple styles and sizes nonconductive and noncorrosive materials material and finish grommet. This catalog provides product details and information for our u. Mix and match grommet and plunger colors, three head styles. We collect and process your personal data for the purpose of allowing you to access website content and providing you information about our products. These fastener standards allow hardware product manufacturers, as well as the endusers of such products, to examine and assess. Apex acr insert bits special wingface ribs grip screw recesses to reduce stripping and camout which can result in damage to the surrounding workpiece.

Discussion on how to estimate the installation force being generated by press equipment using the machines pressure setting and cylinder bore. Pem refmachine pressure to force conversion link to pdf subject. Standard test method for determining bending yield moment of staples. Hn5p hartwell hartwell hrn6 hartwell latch hartwell hn5g grommet hartwell hpl3 pawl latch hrn61 hartwell h3604. For this type, the parts can be disconnected, but some damage usually occurs to the fastener, e. Fasteners are defined as hardware that can be easily installed and removed with hand or power tools. Oem factory direct replacement 14 turn nylatch 1 per order. Our goal is not just to provide our customers with excellent quality, pricing, and customer service but also to supply them with the tools and valued engineering necessary to get the right fastener for their application in the most economical way.

These specs include dimensional and technical data on the most commonly used fasteners and components available. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elitsed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut. Nylatch fastening system trigger lock latches sfs stadier selfdrilling fasteners. Cres fasteners only nickel sermagard and sermatel w stalgard diffused nickelcadmium useful design temperature limit, f 450 140 to 250 225 225 to 375 400 800 to 12w 1600 a300 1200 1100 450 to 475 900 remarks most common for aerospace fasteners selfhealing and cheaper than cadmium mildly corrosion resistant but main use is for surface. Hex and hex washer head screws and bolts, although flat on the top and the bottom, are measured from the bottom of the head. Fastening devices hn5g527, hn5g527, hn5g531, hn5g531. Buffalo fasteners has been supplying fasteners in automotive and industrial fields, and custom hydraulic fittings worldwide for many years. Southco ny4g4320 nylatch twopiece panel fasteners pack of 10. Eagle fastener corporations product catalog will help you find the fasteners and components you need.

Bolts are one of the musthave tools allowing you to put together and secure materials by applying pressure from the head. The micropem line of fasteners introduces some new thread designations which may not be familiar to many users. Southco has built an unmatched portfolio of access hardware solutions with over 25,000 standard parts now available to our consumers. Southco ny4g4320 nylatch twopiece panel fasteners pack. When this type of fastener is used, the parts will never be. Common fasteners include screws, bolts, nuts and rivets. Metric sizes usually available m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7 m8 m10 m12 m14 m16 m18 m20 m22 m24 m27 m30 m33 m36 m42 m48.

Check our web site for a complete military specification and national aerospace standards reference guide bulletin. Theyre also available in both insert bits and power drives. In recent years, we expand the product lines to various industries to satisfy client demands. Astm a108 b11 assn std single material response body.

These fasteners are used to mechanically join or affix other hardware objects together, and come in many forms which include rivets, nuts, bolts, studs, screws, washers, eyebolts, nails, and threaded fasteners. Nylon fasteners flat washers standard sizes id od th od id description a thin, flat circular stamping with a centrally located hole applications esadvantag designed for assembly around a nylon screw. Nylatch fastening system trigger lock latches sfs stadier selfdrilling fasteners selfdrilling floor screws selfdrilling panel fasteners manual and pneumatic tooling star stainless stainless steel fasteners superior washer all materials anmsnas washers tool repair authorized inhouse huckbolt tooling avdel tooling rivet tooling pop tooling. Opticom quicknet rack mount fiber cassette enclosures. All your fastener needs from a single source aspen fasteners 4807 rockside road, suite 400, independence, oh 441 usa. Download catalogue australian aerospace engineering.

Cooper bline spring steel fasteners tbar support, troffer fasteners subject. Nonremovable fasteners that expand behind the material, e. Consult the manufacturers cable specification sheet for the. Sundram fasteners limited fasteners division fd hexagonal head bolt 21 grade mark reference standards. Oem factory direct replacement 14 turn nylatch 1 per ordergoodmanamana replaces part numbers. Plastic toggle when these anchors are driven in they expand inside the hole for a secure grip.

Once mounted, fully seat nylatch fasteners to secure faps. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating. Thus, the rivets will carry all of the load until the sheet or the rivets yield. In addition to aaes aerospace and milspec hardware offering, since 2005 aae has supplied. Fastener dimensions any bolt, any size, any configuration. Unf thread has a larger minor diameter than unc thread, which gives unf fasteners slightly higher loadcarrying in shear and better torquelocking capabilities than unc fasteners of the same material and outside diameter.

This has resulted in consistent product quality delivered to our customers. Provide low total installed cost as a replacement for screws, nuts, and bolts. Nylon, black or white, or polyester, black performance details ultimate shear load. F467 2018 standard specification for nonferrous nuts for general use. Length length for most types of fasteners, the diameter is measured on the outside of the threads.

This type permits the parts to be readily disconnected without damaging the fastener, e. Fastener guides measuring screws and bolts fastener. Adjusts to hole misalignment and panel thickness tolerances. Choose from bits ribbed for screw removal, driving or both. To meet national aerospace standards and to obtain testing documentation, product must be ordered to us nasm4593811 specifications. In addition to our riveting tool products, fsi is an authorized stocking distributor of blind fasteners for the following companies. Nylon fasteners flat washers standard southwest fastener.

Slack spools field termination or preterminated trunk installation fully extend drawer to ensure proper amount of slack is used. Southco ny3g3320 nylatch twopiece panel fasteners southco ny5g5520 nylatch twopiece panel fasteners southco ny4g4420 nylatch twopiece panel fasteners. Oem factory direct replacement 14 turn nylatch 1 per. Bolts are typically made of steel or stainless steel providing strength and rigidity to their construction, and are available in a variety of coatings to inhibit corrosion and ward off rusting.

Find nylatch twopiece panel fasteners from southco. Thus the same fastener may be termed a bolt or a screw. Mil spec plastic selfdrilling socket head cap socket set stainless tapping power connectors screw tabs. Specific products include eye bolts, machine screws, sheet metal screws, clipped.

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